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Tips on Finishing and Formatting Dissertation Paper

Now that you have burnt the midnight oil to put your paper together; it is now time to get the paper in proper shape and direction. There should be no grammatical errors if you want high grades. 

The major concern now should be on how to set everything in proper order which will add flavor to your work and confer on its high ratings. 


The first step to take in order to put your paper in the correct pattern is to format your paper following the standard of your institution. This is based on the standard of each university. You are expected to put your work in the correct format.


What you need to worry about at this stage is how to correct all grammatical errors in your paper. Take time off from your work. You can now come back to proofread the work on your own first.

Taking it further, give it to your friends and relatives that are qualified to proofread the work on your behalf. Errors that escaped you will be located by them. What we are talking about here is not feedback; let someone take the pains of making your work grammatically correct.

Feedback from your tutor

The area to look up to here is your supervisor. Give the final draft to him in other to get his feedback. If you are lucky to have a supervisor that is willing to go through the extra mile of reading through your work, do not hesitate to jump at the offer.

It should be noted here that your supervisor will be busy with other schedules. He might not have the whole time to devote to reading your paper from cover to cover. His comments should not in the majority of cases lead to major alterations in your work. In so much as you have taken the pains to undertake deep research; there should not be room for any major adjustments. 

Feedback from friends

You can equally get useful feedback from your friends. They will have all the time to carry out an effective overhaul of your paper. Their honest comments will go all the way to help to add more bite to your paper at the end of the day.

Buying feedback

If you are interested in making assurances doubly sure, you can visit an online PhD dissertation writing service to buy feedback. You will get proper professional help in this regard. It is best to get feedback from an external body or your tutor.

Final thoughts

You have put in long hours to get your work to the enviable height that it has gone to. You must ensure that all the loose ends are properly taken care of. Your paper must stand out at the end of the day. This is the major reason why you are expected to finish and format your work in a glorious way. The tips above will be of help in that direction. It will confer best legit on your work.