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Fast Tips to Get Your Thesis Back on Track

Are you struggling to get your thesis paperback on track? The following tips will be of help to getting your work on track.

  • When you do not know how to start: Simply start reading literature. We are talking about short pieces of literature and not the broad topics around. This is one simple way of gaining ideas about what is being discussed in your area of interest.
  • When you have nothing to say: Carry out thorough research. This is different from searching because here; you are expected to look over and over again the works of others. The ideas that are needed will hit you when you carry out research.
  • Your instincts: We are not by any way trying to introduce mysticism into the idea. But every individual has a gut idea. When you follow your instincts, the ideas on the way forward will hit you!
  • Takedown notes: We are in the digital age where our life revolves around the internet. Make sure you get a note and your pen handy. Write down some of the ideas in a note as against typing everything in soft copy. It will be of help and proof useful.
  • How to get out of the dead-end: You are likely going to get stuck in-between the process. The antidote to this is consistency. Do not give room for a holiday during the process. If you give a break; coming back and continuing at the level you left off might be difficult. You should put all the hours possible in an unbroken chain
  • When you are falling behind: When you notice that distractions will not allow you to meet up with deadlines that are tight and strict; the best thing to do is to seek an audience with your supervisor and iron things out.
  • How can you overcome a terrible idea: You have to get it right that the rule of thumb in a dissertation paper is not how well; it is more of finished work? Do not waste your time on how terrible your idea is. The objective is to finish the work in line with the time frame. Mind you, there is room for editing; proofreading, and review of your work at the end of the day.
  • When your idea is not viable again: This is a dilemma faced by most writers. This type of paper is in dialogue. You can connect with someone that is doing something similar to the tour area of research. 
  • When you do not have enough words: Where the words are not up to the required length for the paper; take a look at the discussion section in your paper and adjust. You can add to the discussion to increase your word length.
  • When there are too many words: in this case where there are more words than required; take a look at your thesis statement and jettison some part of it.
  • When your supervisor is not helpful: If you notice that your supervisor is not willing to cooperate with you; then arrange for a co-supervisor. 

Final thoughts

The 11 tips above are measures to get out of the tight corner when you are writing your dissertation paper.