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Where to Find a Perfect Sample of a Dissertation Title Page

When you write a dissertation, a title page will be almost the last step in the long way of completion of your work. If you get to this level, it won’t be difficult for you. However, you still need to have a template to format this page in an appropriate standard. Mind that this is a face of your work, so it requires you to be attentive and accurate while writing the front page.

In Search of Samples for Your Dissertation Title Page

Looking for a sample for your title page, you can use the following pieces of advice.

  • Ask your professor for help.
  • This is the first person you should appeal to. Moreover, when you get your task, you are also given instructions on its formatting and recommendations on using an appropriate style of writing. Your professor can also provide you with samples of their previous students’ works. Don’t use any content from these works, you should only learn how to format your paper.

  • Visit the university’s library.
  • You can find there a database of all papers written by elder students. You may be not allowed to take somebody’s work at home, but you may copy pages you need. It’s also possible to find there a document containing instructions on formatting different types of student writing assignments.

  • Search online.
  • Some students and even professors may download different student works or just their parts online. You may find an entire paper and use it as a template. There are also freelancers that offer writing service for money. However, you can find free samples of their work, as they need to advertise themselves and attract clients. So, you may even ask them to provide free samples and be sure their works will correspond to the formatting standards.

  • Visit online writing services.
  • These companies work in the same way as freelancers do. Actually, they have created huge platforms for matching clients who want to pay for thesis with professional writers. They deal with lots of authors and always have free samples presented on their websites.

Some Extra Tips on Formatting

It may ruin all the work you have already done, if your title page is formatted differently from the other sections of your dissertation. So, make sure you use the same font type, headers, line spacing and margins. It’s also important to write all the details containing your names, previous degrees if earned, specialization and faculty titles, etc. without any spelling mistakes.